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The Borg

Who are the Borg?

A civilisation of cybernetically enhanced bio-organisms (‘cyborgs’) from the Delta Quadrant – these are the Borg. Their advanced technology, predatory nature, and hive-mind mentality make them one of the most feared life-forms in the Galaxy.
At the top of the Collective is, similar to a queen ant, the Borg Queen. She is the only Borg with an individual personality, and she controls all the activities of the Collective. As the voice of the Borg, she creates fear and panic in almost every quadrant. All the other members of the Collective are mere drones, having no will or personality of their own. The queen and the drones are in constant contact with each other – no private thoughts or personal will exists.
Who are the Borg?
The Assimilation process
The Borg Greeting