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The Borg

The Assimilation process

They exist as a vast, collective consciousness that is constantly developing further by assimilating other species. The Borg cubes (spaceships) roam the infinite expanses of outer space in search of valuable life-forms, which after contact are assimilated into the Borg Collective. The Borg thus possess a huge arsenal of advanced technology – and are a terrifying enemy of the Federation.

The collective consciousness of the Borg has a decisive advantage: the drones are almost immortal. Their exoskeleton has the effect of a tank that is inextricably linked with the biological part of their body. Their personal shielding enables the drones to adapt to phaser frequencies and force fields – after every hit, it is remodulated and continues to protect the drone from additional phaser fire. If a Borg drone is nevertheless killed, its knowledge and experience remain in the Collective and can continue to be used.
The Assimilation process
Who are the Borg?
The Borg Greeting