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Star Trek Universe

Stardate 2063

First Contact

A first contact is defined as the meeting between two races, governments or species. In Star Trek™, this happens when humans meet Vulcans for the first time. On April 5th 2063 Earth’s Zefram Cochrane’s successful launch of the Phoenix, using warp drive to achieve light speed, is witnessed by the Vulcans. Such technology makes interstellar travel to other solar systems possible. Vulcans use this event to initiate First Contact between themselves and Earth.

Warp drive leaves a telltale signature that other warp-capable, interstellar species can recognize. Warp speed means moving beyond the speed of light, which is achieved using the curvature of the space-time axis (Einstein).

Stardate 2245 - 2285

Stardate 2363 - 2371

The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D was on its way to a Federation conference when they were attacked by the Borg...

Stardate 2364 - 2375

Stardate 2151 - 2161

Stardate 2371 - 2378