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Technical Facts

Technical facts (1/2)

Manufacturer:MACK Rides GmbH & Co KG Type:Triple Launch Coaster Year of Construction:2017 Distance per Ride:720 meters Construction Height:40 meters Speed:max. 90 kph Acceleration Force Launch:1G Force During Ride:4,2G Number of Trains:2

Technical facts (2/2)

Persons per Train:20 Duration per Ride:144 seconds Weight of Switch:10,5 tons Seat Harnesses:Pelvic brackets Foundation:1,945 cubic meters of concrete, 106 tons of reinforcement steel Steel Construction Weight:500 tons Construction Time:more than 2 years Ride Elements: Parallel Transfer Switch, Launch, Half Pipe (40m), Top Hat (30m), Immelmann Loop, Heartline Roll, 100° Dive, 3 Airtime Humps, Helix, Zero-G-Roll