Hammer Coaster, findest Du nicht auch?

Federation Plaza

Welcome to the Federation Plaza. (1/5)

For brave Starfleet cadets, the mission Star Trek™: Operation Enterprise starts here. But for everyone else, too, time passes almost at warp speed here. On the test seat, you can check out how space travel could feel. In the Star Trek™ shop and at our Federation Snack bar, you’ll find souvenirs and intergalactic snacks (don’t worry, you can pay with normal human currency!). And at the Photo Point, you can immortalize your space trip.

New Theme-Area: FEDERATION PLAZA (2/5)

Star-Trek™ shop

Here you will find souvenirs of your fast-paced space mission to take home.

New Theme-Area: FEDERATION PLAZA (3/5)

Foto Point

Please smile! Immortalize your visit to the Federation Plaza in a photo.

New Theme-Area: FEDERATION PLAZA (4/5)

Test Seat

For those who want to know what they are getting into: Here you can test an original seat from the roller coaster before you board.

New Theme-Area: FEDERATION PLAZA (5/5)

Federation Snack

Rescue missions make you hungry! Here you will find everything you need to regain strength. (Don’t worry, you can pay with normal human currency!)